Welcome to Goa Culture List

Welcome to Goa Culture List – a new source of news, reviews, and more.

Our team provides communication and organization resources for artists, entrepreneurs, new initiatives, and social development organizations.  We are focused on the Canadian Goan Community of the Greater Toronto Area. We support local enterprises and carry inspiring stories from around the world.

There are hundreds of Goan villages in our home country. Now, vibrant new communities are forming in countries across the world. Goans in Canada are a flourishing. We are truly are a talented, adaptable. multicultural, international-connected, multi-generational, group of people.

In 2017 we collectively celebrated Canada150 and Canadian Goan Community commemorated the approximately 50th Year Anniversary of the first wave of immigrant family arrivals. Goans have lived Canada for a fully a third of its history since Confederation. We are a bright bouquet within the mosaic.

With roots in the past – we reach for the future.