Taste of Konkan 2018 – Pre-Register Konkan Kitchen Kooks

Save the date, there is new programming at Mango Events’ Taste of the Konkan 2018.

The Konkan Kitchen Kook Off will take place during the event on afternoon of June 16, 2018. Kook Off is a Konkan cooking skills competition. Eight teams of four will compete against each other in front of the audience in a timed high-pressure cooking event to show their planning and culinary talents. Each team will prep, cook, and present, an entrée in within an hour.

The target dish will be kept secret and will only be announced just prior to the event. To level the playing field, all the ingredients, spices, and full access to the hall’s commercial kitchen, will be provided. Competitors may bring their favorite personal utensils.

Celebrity Judges will evaluate each entrée based on set scoring criteria. Creativity, complexity, and taste, will contribute to a win. The team awarded the highest score will win the coveted title of Konkan Kitchen Kook of 2018 along with other prizes.

Pre-registration is now open. A small fee of 25.00 per team covers all the fresh ingredients, spices and the kitchen access. The Konkani Kitchen Kook Off is limited to just eight competing teams this year. The competition is open to all ages. Clubs can send a representing team. One Mississauga Goan Seniors Club has agreed to participate.

Prospective teams are asked to contact Daphne Britto via email: daphne_savio@hotmail.com or phone at 416-668-2927 to pre-register. Additional details and official competition rules will be provided during registration.

General admission tickets for the lively food festival are now on sale at early-bird prices. Goa Culture List is a sponsor of the event.

Event: Taste of Konkan 2018
Program: Konkan Kitchen Kook Off 2018
Team Pre-registration: Daphne Britto
Email: daphne_savio@hotmail.com/td>
Phone: 416-668-2927
General Admission Tickets: Snapd TIX Online snapd.at/pew6sqs