Releases from Jazz Goa Project, available in Canada

Goa Culture List is pleased to carry a number of CD’s produced by the Jazz Goa organization. The CDs from Goa Culture List are cleaned up, indexed and converted to Audio CD Format. This means you can conveniently pop  them in your stereo or car player.

Colin D’Cruz has recently rearranged a number of Portuguese folksongs and Konkani classics within a Jazz envelope. He injected Latin rhythms and new upbeat tempos and recorded the songs in his Goa studio using accomplished and largely unknown local singers and musicians. Goa Jazz the released the tracks into the wild under a Creative Commons Licence via the internet.

Colin and a stalwart group of friends, musicians, and music lovers, formed the spirited Jazz Goa organization to promote Jazz emanating from Goa. His released strategy has helped open creative doors across the world.

The principal aims of the project are to develop a discipline and the mechanism to improve the quality of talented Jazz musicians in Goa, and increase professional opportunities for Goan Musicians in the Konkan Coast’s burgeoning tourism sector.

‘I always had this dream of someday moving back to my ancestral place where music flowed through everyone’s veins, musician or not. The dream came true in the year 2008 when I set up home, studio and ‘bass-base’, in a place called Sangolda. I am surrounded by rice fields with mongoose, squirrels, and peacocks strutting around nonchalantly. An absolute paradise compared to Mumbai. I then went about spreading my first love Jazz by setting up an organization called Jazz Goa.

Within four years Jazz Goa had a database of over five thousand jazz enthusiasts and over a hundred jazz originals composed by local talent and produced by Jazz Goa. Many of these tracks reached No.1 on international Internet Charts and this only encouraged me to do even more.’

The sounds are truly refreshing. The new interpretations have been well received.

Today, you will find that every Goan Disk Jockey’s engaged by Goan Social Clubs around world the have added these marvelous tracks to their play lists.

Add these remarkable CD’s to your collection today…

Portuguese songs from Goa
Artists: Various
Producer: Colin D’Cruz
Format: Audio CD Format. 15 Tracks. CD Case
Publisher: Jazz Goa, Goa India, 2015

Konkani Jazz
Artists: Various
Producer: Colin D’Cruz
Format: Audio CD Format. 14 Tracks. CD Case
Publisher: Jazz Goa, Goa India, 2015

Copies now available in Canada.
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Portuguese songs from Goa, Jazz Goa. 15 Tracks
Konkani Jazz from Goa, Jazz Goa. 14 Tracks

Konkani Jazz back cover of CD