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News Editor & Assignment Desk:

Promoting an upcoming event? 
Send us your Press Releases. Forward notices, story ideas, tips and leads to the Editor. Goa Culture List may send a News Team to cover and write an article covering your special occasion

Is there a person or local business that you think we should profile?
Send your ideas or tips the Editor. We are looking for interesting and significant people,  stories, histories, businesses, and events.

Marketing, Promotions, and Advertising Team:

Need help with your business promotion?
If you have a business and need help promoting a product or service we can help. We are a full service shop. We do all of the following…strategy, concepts, writing, visual design, audience testing, communication materials, photography, websites, distribution, etc

Some of our areas of focus:
Professionals • Services • Entrepreneurs • IT Companies • Music & Artists • Industrial Products • Food Industry • Food Products • Retail Products • Festivals & Events • Organizations

Need a custom page?
Engage Goa Culture List to promote your service, product, enterprise, or organization. Option a personal email address, accessible to your customer’s computer, smart phone or tablet. This is far more professional than a silly looking Social Media page. We save you time. You will raise your professional profile.

Need a Professional Look?
Contact us for creative ideas, print design, promotional ideas, photography, e-mail blasts, and social media campaigns.

IT and Marketing Services:

Looking for Marketing or IT Services
We are a Media and IT Company based in Canada. We provide local design, marketing, sales communication services, including point of contacts and physical presence (ie Landing Pad Services) for Businesses who wish enter North America.

We can become your introduction to Canada. Contact us today

Event Calendar Team:

Hello Event Organizers
We know the success of your event depends greatly on communication. Contact us for creative communications, and communication distribution services. We can provide technical services and event project management too.

List your culture event on Goa Culture List Event Calendar for FREE.
Contact the Event Calendar Team

Product Information Request:

Use the Product Information Request and Inquiry Form to seek information or order books from Goa Culture List. Please include your email address and phone number. After receiving the Form, we will call or email to confirm your message and arrange delivery.

Notices of Errors and Omissions:

We love proofreaders. Notices of errors and omissions may be sent via our Errors and Omissions Page or contact the News Editor & Assignment Desk via email