Colonialism, Migration and the International Catholic Goan Community

The International Catholic-Goan Community that transcends geographical boundaries has emerged over the last hundred years or so. Its origins lie in the Portuguese social nurturing and construction of a Local Catholic Community in Goa starting in the 16th century and it has emerged partly as a result of a century of colonial and nation building policies and practices. This book illustrates how new Goan Community links emanate both radially and laterally, from and to Goa.

With so much historical and sociological research behind this book, Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes has produced a very enlightening and in-depth account of Goan migration from both a global and local perspective – a legacy for posterity. For those interested in gaining a better understanding of their roots and the Goan diaspora, I would thoroughly recommend reading this excellent book.
Flavio Gracias, former President, Goan Association (UK), and current Chair of Trustees, Goan Welfare Society UK

Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes’ extensive research findings illustrate how Goans come to spread their influence across the globe. This book will help you understand why you can take a Goan out of Goa but you will never take Goa out of a Goan.
Cllr. Rabi Martins, former Chairman and President of the Goan Association UK

Stella’s book will make an important contribution to educate people about Goa and its historical position geographically, culturally and economically. I am sure that it will resonate with many individuals from the Goan diaspora as well as provide a broader analysis of the significant relationships between colonialism, migration and education in an international context.
Rt Hon Valerie Vaz, M.P., Member of Parliament, Walsall South, UK

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Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes

Dr. Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya, and has lived in England since 1970. She raised four sons and is an active member of the Goan Community in the England. She has served as the General Secretary of the Goan Association (UK) and currently the Patron of the Goan Welfare Society, UK.

Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes holds a Ph.D in Social Anthropology, an M.A. in Higher and Professional Education, and a B.Sc. in Psychology.

She is the author of Colonialism, Migration and the International Catholic Goan Community. The book is based on her doctoral research in Social Anthropology, London University.

Dr. Stella has published numerous academic papers and given talks at national and international conferences on her research. She has been a university lecturer and continues to teach at the university level in UK and other countries including, China and Brazil.

She currently works as a Professional Consultant in the social sciences undertaking assignments across the UK and abroad. She trains civil servants to use research based evidence in policy development and program evaluation.

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Authored by Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes based on her doctoral research in Social Anthropology, London University.

First edition published, Trade Paperback
by Goa1556, Goa, India. 2010
ISBN: 978-93-80739-31-1

This edition published, e-Book .PDF
by Goa1556. 2020


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