Goan Emigration


J. B. Pinto (1891-1973) lived in Goa right during the time when Goa was undergoing intense social, cultural, political and economic change.

He was educated in English in Goa and had the lived experience of growing up in Bombay and then working as a military volunteer and professional as Law Clerk in Uganda during a time of immense change. He took part in and directed local community development projects in Africa at time when new Goan institutions were being bootstrapped started from scratch.

Written after he retired back to Goa, the content of J. B. Pinto’s book includes his petitions and letters to and from government and administrative authorities. His correspondence provides details relating to Goan economic, social, and political life during the period.

Pinto shares his social activism, opinions and solutions in the form of petitions and proposals.

Through this written work we can gain a historical understanding about the difficulties faced in Goa and gain some insight into the affairs of the times. Such first hand material provides a rich historical context that will benefit any study of this period.

Wider issues are touched upon, including the affects of the late period of colonialism and early stage of nation building. In this case both Portuguese and British; Independence both from the British in India and the Portuguese in Goa; then the growth of Indian Nationalism.

The transitions meant Goan suffered from the great impact of migration. Community skills and leadership was quickly lost. Pinto’s work also makes an attempt to give voice to those who have largely hidden from view, perhaps due to the attention being drawn to the numerous new Goan communities taking root in the growing diaphora.

A number of Pinto’s interests represent and echo a wider discourse on matters that still affect Goa today, many of which are rooted in this period.

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Shirley Louise Gonsalves, a great grand-daughter of J.B. Pinto, is a UK and Goa based academic. She is a post-graduate student at the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London, in the Department of History. She has written, The Luso-Indian Stethoscope, 2018, a book that reports on her research into the experiences of the pioneer and elite group of medical men and women from Goa and Bombay. She also recently co-wrote and narrated a 40-Episode TV Series for the Lenten Season which was broadcast on CCR-TV, Goa.