When the Curtains Rise…

Based on a his Ph.D. thesis work, author André Rafael Fernandes,  traces the growth of Goan Tiatr (or tiatro) right from its diverse, sometimes overlooked, origins. It unearths references to the earliest Portuguese plays in Goa, India. The book helps reader begin to understand this form of popular theatre, the region’s cultural history, and the role of diaspora communities in keeping the Konkani language alive.

Called one of the most vibrant forms of modern Indian theatre, Goan Tiatr strikes a deep chord with its audiences. What are its origins? How did Goans gain a cultural legacy filled with original music and songs? What role did large cities like Bombay play in promoting the tiatr? Who pioneered this drama form? What challenges does it now face? These are some of the issues are tackled in this book.

When the Curtains Rise focuses on the origins of the tiatr, Goa’s legacy of music and song, the beginnings of the Konkani tiatr, Pai Tiatrist, other tiatrists, the challenges being faced by the tiatr community today, new aspects of the tiatr. It includes an elaborate selected bibliography of primary research sources, related books, newspapers and magazine artices, multimedia and website resources.

The book includes a number of rare illustrations. The front cover illustration depicts a handbill for the 1904 performance of Batcara. List of characters confirms the early participation of women in the tiatr, at a time when this was not prevalent in other Indian theatre forms. Also on front cover, a handbill of Batcara, staged in 1915 for the Women’s War Relief Fund in World War I days. Back cover shows a partial facsimile of a book by Pai Tiatrist João Agostinho Fernandes.

Though When the Curtains Rise was initially written as a PhD thesis, the book’s style is simple and down-to-earth, making it suitable for a wide range of readers.

The printing costs of the original hardcover version book was fully sponsored by Tiatr Academy of Goa, Panjim Goa, under its funding scheme support new books related to Goan Tiatr.

The author has generously now released this book under a Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution, License make this work on the sharable and accessible to the widest possible audience.

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André Rafael Fernandes

Andre Rafael Fernandes is associate professor at Goa University’s Department of English. He holds a PhD, an M.Phil, and M.A., B.Ed and B.Com (Hons) degrees. Originally from Raia, Salcete, he studied and researched in Darjeeling, Shillong and Portugal.

Dr. Fernandes has taught for 33 years, including for the last two decades at the Goa University. Courses he taught include: the Novel, Commonwealth literature, Linguistics, Indian writing in translation, and Joseph Conrad. He introduced audio-visual material for teaching linguistics, and helped build the University’s advanced language laboratory.

Dr Fernandes has participated in 30 regional, 18 national and five international conferences, seminars or workshops. He was part of the Portuguese Language in Goa: Phonetic Study and New Technologies in Teaching Project with teachers from the University of Porto in Portugal, after being awarded a research fellowship which also took him to the universities of Aveiro, Coimbra, and Lisbon.

PDF Edition Notes

Author: André Rafael Fernandes

(c) André Rafael Fernandes

First Published. Hardcover. 2010
by Goa1556, Goa, India, and Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG)
ISBN: 978-93-80739-01-4

PDF e-Book Version. Published 2020
by Goa1556, Goa, India



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