Among The Jacaranda. New novel by Braz Menezes

Local Author publishes a new Novel

Canadian author Braz Menezes speaks to Goa Culture List about Kenya, Goans, and his new novel in this interview excerpt.

‘Among the Jacaranda – Buds of Matata in Kenya’ is the authors third novel in his well received Matata Series of books. The word matata means trouble in Kiswahili, or Swahili, the ingua franca of the area where the novel is based.

Braz Menezes’ book is a work of historical fiction but it is based on real people and events. It provides an immersive look at struggles of the Goan Community, of now desolved British East Africa, during the process of the Africanization of the civil service after Kenyan Independence.

It’s the mid 1960’s. Winds are blowing across the Empire. There is trouble brewing. Stalwart Goan families, many who have lived tightly knit on the continent for half a century and more, are starting to disperse. ‘Our boys are leaving their diplomas behind and bringing back English brides,’ a mother laments.

The book follows newly married Lando, the main character, who we are well acquainted with from the previous books of the series. He travels to England to pursue higher education and then explores Europe. He brings his new English bride back to Kenya to start a family and career. We meet the persevering African Goan Community.

Excerpt. Full interview to follow.

Among the Jacaranda – Buds of the Matata in Kenya
Author: Braz Menezes
Format: Trade paperback. 266 pages. (c) 2018
Publisher: Matata Books Canada

Matata Series Includes:
Just Matata: Sin, Saints and Settlers. First Edition. 2011
Beyond the Cape – Sin, Saints, Slaves, and Settlers. Expanded Second Edition. 2015 (Book 1)
More Matata: Love after the Mau Mau. 2012 (Book 2)
Among the Jacaranda – Buds of the Matata in Kenya. 2018 (Book 3)

Signed copies now available in Canada.
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