Goan Archives Canada. Beta Project by Goa Culture List

Goan Archives Canada – Beta Project. Founders Series 01

On 25th Jan 2017 a small team of volunteers from Goa Culture List, the Goan Cultural Group (GCG), and the Goan Archives Canada Inc., taped a series of short interviews. The object of the exercise was to test the team’s ability to capture oral history from the Goan community in a systematic and professional manner.

Two members of the GCG were approached to be subjects. After series of production meetings the exercise began.

Session Interview:



Wilfred Monterio
Wilfred was born in Goa. He grew up in East Africa and then moved to Germany before migrating to Canada in 1965. He talks about arriving in country, his interest in field hockey, and how the sport helped in the formation of a local Goan Club. He provides personal thoughts about the kinds of social values that will help the community collectively cope in the future.

Aloysius Vaz
Al migrated from Tanzania in 1967. He too is a founding member of the Goan Overseas Association Toronto. He speaks about arriving and the meeting organized at St¬†Sebastian’s Church that lead to the creation of a fledgling association. He speaks about the opportunities and the sense of purpose he found in Canada. And touches on the collective values that will help community development.

Recording Team:

— John J D’Souza. Research, session co-coordinator
— Albert Peres. Research, sound recording, editing, photography, design
— Romeo D’Souza. Video, sound

Design Treatment:

A project logo and unifying brand image were also created as part of the exercise.
The 5-maple leafs used in the design signify the 5-decades, approximately 50-years, the Goan Community have been part of the country of Canada.