Inside/Out: New writing from Goa. Available

The Goa Writers, a group of disparate individuals, has launched a book which draws together a wide range of experiences and ideas, and gives a glimpse of the modern melting pot called Goa.

In recent years, the smallest state in India has become the site of profound globalisation and change, and has rapidly developed a diverse and multi-cultural society. The stories provide a look a a cross-section of this changing world: it contains stories by migrants and sons of the soil, and a range of viewpoints that are sure to challenge and destroy the stereotypes that remain prevalent about India’s favourite vacation destination.

Inside/Out: New writing from Goa is the first anthology of the Group which includes some of the best-known writers in the state, alongside those working to advance their writing skills and learn from group mentoring and exercise.

The book is now available in Canada.

Inside/Out features exclusive, original work from noted novelist,  Aldona resident, Amitav Ghosh, as well as previously unpublished contributions from more than 20 other prominent writers. In his essay titled ‘Anthony Vaz’, Ghosh starts off: “I have long been fascinated by nautical dictionaries, especially those that relate to Asian seafarers or ‘lascars’ as they were once known…”

Over two dozen essays, short stories, fiction, excerpts and more…

Contributing writers include:

Fashion designer Wendell Rodricks
Novelist and veteran ex-editor Victor Rangel-Ribeiro
Theatre personality Isabela Santa Rita Vas
Aeronautical engineer, writer Aniruddha Sen Gupta
German expat Kornelia Santoro
Activist Vidyadhar Gadgil
Journalist Pamela D’Mello
Journalist Sheela Jaywant
Humour writer Cecil Pinto
Ex-airhostess Melinda Coutinho Powell
British expat Helene Derkin Menezes
Singer Mario Coelho
Journalist Aimee Ginsburg
Writer Sucheta Potnis
Architect Himanshu Burte
Writer Veena Gomes-Patwardhan
Portuguese lawyer, photographer, Mafalda Mimoso
Award winning Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo
Former principal Tony de Sa
Writer Vivek Menezes
Journalist Rosalyn D’Mello
Historian Fatima da Silva Gracias
Writer Prava Rai
Author, academician, Savia Viegas
and Journalist, book publisher, Frederick Noronha

Inside/Out: New Writing from Goa
Editors: Jose Lourenco and Helene Dirkin
Genre: Fiction
Trade Paperback
236 pages

ISBN: 978-93-80739-11-3

Limited copies available in Canada.
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